Corporate Products

Take care of your own business while Bereket Insurance and Bereket Pension & Life take care of your risks.

Bereket Pension Corporate Products

Group Pension

By means of a Group Pension Contract, both your company and your employees can have significant advantages.


The Auto-Enrollment is a saving and pension system that every person under 45 years old who is an active employee in public or private sector is included. Coming into effect on 01.01.2017, the Auto-Enrollment System covers both those who are employed at the same workplace before that date and those who are recruited after that date.

Personal Accident Insurance

The personal accident insurance insures the insured against risks of death and permanent disability resulting from an accident during the term of the policy. Optionally, medical treatment expenses and daily compensation payable as a result of an accident can be added to the coverage in consideration of payment of an extra premium.