Corporate Products

Take care of your own business while Bereket Insurance and Bereket Pension & Life take care of your risks.

Bereket Insurance Corporate Products

Workplace Insurance

You can protect your all insurable assets, such as workplace, machines, fixtures, commodities, etc., against any risks that may occur. If you wish, you can choose any additional covers offered apart from the main covers to have a policy that best suts your needs.

SME Insurance

This product provides the most essential requirements for SME owners considering the size, location, risk level of the business.

Common Area Insurance

The common area insurance protects the common areas of the apartment buildings or the housing estates, including any fixtures, machines, plants, installations and other assets contained in the common areas, against risks that may occur.

Hotel Insurance

It covers such risks that may occur during the operation of all kinds of hotels, models, holiday villages and lodging facilities.

Fuel Insurance

It is an insurance that provides full protection for gas stations, coveing many risks that may occur.

Marine Cargo Insurance

The Marine Cargo Insurance insures any loss of or damage to your goods during their transportation by any means of transportation (sea, air, road and railway) from one place to another.

Domestic Carrier's Liability

This insurance covers the legal liability of the transportation firms carrying goods by road within the country arising from the goods carried by them.

Boat Construction

It insures your boat against any insured risks that may occur during the construction, launching and testing of the boat.

Boat Insurance

The Hull and Engine Insurance provides protection for every kind of marine vessel (tankers, dry cargo vessels, bulk cargo vessels, passenger ferries, vehicle ferries, tugboats, floating cranes, floating docks, etc.) against risks that may occur while they are at sea for any operation, including transportation of commercial goods.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

It covers any expenses incurred for repair or replacement of any electronic equipment as a result of any suddenly and unexpectedly occurred physical damage during normal operation or cleaning, overhaul or movement from one place to another within the same workplace.

Personal Accident Insurance

The personal accident insurance insures the insured against risks of death and permanent disability resulting from an accident during the term of the policy. Optionally, medical treatment expenses and daily compensation payable as a result of an accident can be added to the coverage in consideration of payment of an extra premium.